How can I switch from Intermediate to Advanced Plan?


I purchased the Intermediate Resistance Training + Sweet Spot Off Season Plan as I ride 10-12 hours per week. When opened the plan in TrainingPeaks it only has 8 hours of riding per week. I want to get the most out of my training so was wondering whether you would recommend switching to the Advanced Plan? If so please can you send me the Advanced Plan and I will delete the Intermediate Pan.


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Thanks for getting on our plan @arranshearer - happy to help.

How old are you, what are you training for and how much do you work, etc…?

Our Advanced plan is pretty much for athletes under 35 years old that want to ‘go pro’ . It has 12 - 16 hours and more. It would be impossible to complete if you are over 40 and not a former professional cyclist.

Our intermediate plan is designed for most masters cyclists between the ages of 35 - 65, with a full time job and a family. They have ambitious goal but also have priorities particularly family and career.

IOW just because you have 10-12 hours a week doesn’t mean you do that year round. Some weeks are 8 and some are 12 - scroll down in the plan to see.

Also listen to our masters podcast here:

Thanks Frank. Based on your feedback the Intermediate Plan should be perfect! Cheers

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I am in a similar situation on available time (10-12 hrs per week) and started on the Advanced plan. After about 2 weeks it was clear the plan had too much volume to fit my life. So far for me the intermediate plan fits the time I have.

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I switched out an intermediate plan to an advanced plan in late December. It’s the resistance plan + 32 weeks sweet spot. While I was in the gym phase the advanced plan was right for me but, between work and the big jump in hours, I think I need to go back down to the intermediate plan. Is there any way I can get that swapped back down?

I can help you out. I’ll trade that out for you now.