Checking validity of my Weekend SS Group Ride

Good Morning all,

This will be my second Group ride (the first I messed up).
I would kindly request to check if the following ride I created is correct for the specific requirement.

The activity I follow:

Sweet Spottin’ with a Group Ride or Solo
Don’t worry about intervals today rather use the group to push you for a sweet spot effort. In other words, take pulls on the front @ Sweet Spot.
Hold wheels (riding with stronger riders)
Use the terrain to modulate your power in the sweet spot
You can also ride out in the wind (not tucked in a draft) to achieve sweet spot
Take Sweet Spot Pulls
Its OK if your power and HR is above or below Sweet Spot for short periods of time (< 60 seconds). What’s most important is Normalized Power for entire group ride or length of time the group got going
Think in terms of 20- 60 minutes or more of a sustained effort in the sweet spot. You can ‘check’ how well you do by analyzing your power file and looking at the normalized power for the sections you rode at Sweet Spot.
Overall this should be ‘moderately hard’ effort with a TSS ~ 120 and also fun. Lots of freedom & flexibility


Many thanks for your support
Best Regards

Yeah that. Is fine. It really comes down to getting the training stress (TSS). You want to achieve the planned TSS score. We advice athletes to ride in sweet spot so you can get more work than just riding zone 2 alone. So in that 2 hour ride with sweet spot training you can get 110 - 130 TSS as opposed to just 90 - 100 of zone 2 for 2 hours. More quality aerobic work in less time.

We advice against intervals and find fun alternatives like group rides or bottom to top intervals to make them mentally easier or more fun than just more set interval times.

Many thanks, @Jake for the reply. Hence you recommend to redo it minus the intervals?

Thank you and best Regards

No I would not recommend re do it. You did it! You did a good job getting the work in. The only thing I recommend moving forward is thinking of creative ways to do the workout if you can. If not just continue as you are doing because what you did is fine.

thank you for the information @Jake

Best regards