Weekend days Friday and Saturday

Hello FasCat and fellow riders

I received my first structured plan (thank you FasCat) and i am planing to import it to the TP calendar.
Because i do not seen the structure before the import i would like to know please if i need the Monday to be my rest day what day should be my starting date?
My working shift is Sunday to Thursday’s
I prefer to have the Friday Saturday my hardest days (the plan is SS1,2,3) Sunday ride but Monday OFF

I hope I explained correctly
Best Regards

If you need your Mondays off you will need to have to apply the plan to start on a Monday.

However in our training plans Mondays and Fridays are the off days. Saturday and Sundays are the long training days.

To make it work best for you still apply on Monday but you will have to shuffle workouts manually. I would recommend you take take Thursdays workout to Sundays as this is normally the easiest workout of the week. Then have Thursdays OFF as a rest day. Then you can do your longer Saturday / Sunday training on Friday / Saturday. Again you will have to shuffle this around yourself.

You can also have a coach do this and look at your training as well every 4 weeks with our coaching subscription