Shift my Plan by few days

I have done 2 weeks of my plan - now I need to shift rest of my plan by few days since I can not do them and be on business trip . How can I shift the plan to forward days without losing my pas data and also easy way to say shift from this date to this date easily and everything shifts forward ?
Any suggestions is welcomed !

This should help you.

You can just copy and paste days and weeks that you want to move.

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Thank you . However my question was if I could move few days and shift them to future dates . e.g I have done 14 days of the plan , now I need to move the rest of the plan which is 21 days to 10 days later . is there an option to do that ? If i redo the whole plan , it will repeat the plan from beginning which includes the days I have done and also will not correspond to my actual rides . If I move them one by one , then i have to move one to the day I want and continue one by one .
Ideally the option to redo the plan it should ask from which day of your plan you want restart and what is the start date . ( you have the start date already as an option ) .

Sorry there is not an option for that. That would be something from TrainingPeaks end. We build the training plan.

yea, you gotta just cut and paste manually from here.

I think if you click the three lines in the top right of that day on the calendar you can shift everything forward 1 day at a time. I don’t have TrainingPeaks Premium though, so I can’t test it to be sure.

This is what you’re looking for, it sounds like. You can shift-select the days you want to move on the calendar or enter the date ranges, then shift the dates you choose around for future workouts.


Yes this works well ! Thank you for your help ! Great option !

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