Wanting to do better over last year

Ok everyone I had a very difficult time last off season actually utilizing the training plan. I’m aware that I have a pretty unique situation with my personal schedule. I work monday through friday 8-4 and have my daughter every week from the time I get off work friday until I go back monday morning as well as having her from when I leave work wednesday afternoon until I go to work thursday every other week.

This set up eliminates me from having the ability to put in the long rides that were built into the plan (weights + base INTERMEDIATE) on saturdays and sundays.

I’m curious if anyone is in a similar situation schedule wise that has found a method that works for them that would be willing to share.



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My situation is similar. I have my kids after work on Wednesday and Thursday and every other weekend. For me at least I have every other weekend when I can do the longer rides. But when I have them I just have to do shorter more intense training rides. Looking to get higher TSS. Mostly by doing more tempo / sweet spot on those longer zone 2 days.

Sounds like the only time you could get a long ride in would be after work during the week which would be no fun! But if you can’t get the long ride the only thing you could do is focus on TSS. Riding more tempo / sweet spot to get that workload up. You want to avoid doing higher intensity because than you are no longer doing aerobic training.

If you are training for longer fondos or gravel events you will need to find a way to get some longer simulation rides. Whether it find a babysitter, working a situation out the other parent, grandparent or just buckling up for some longer trainer time.

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Thanks for the response Jake! I really appreciate it.

As far as what i’m training for I have moved over to 99.9% CRIT racing as it’s a much more friendly set up for single parents in my opinion than any other racing thats available.


Yeah for sure! So getting in 3 - 4 hour rides is not the most important thing. Just focus on doing more tempo / sweet spot to get that advance aerobic work in. More bang for you buck and you can spend less time on the bike. Use that to build up your CTL and fitness.

please excuse my lack of knowledge here (and lack of a search) but what exactly is CTL?

CTL stands for Chronic fitness load and is also referred to as your fitness.
If you want the nitty gritty on all the terms used in trainingpeaks and about the performance manager chart, read this training tip! Definitions/explanations are found towards the bottom.


Thanks Lacey! I appreciate it