Wahoo Roam TSS versus Training Peaks

I am following the gravel plan and trying to make sure I am hitting the TSS for each ride. However, I have noticed that the TSS on the Wahoo Roam is much higher than what is reported in Training Peaks after the ride. I recently did a 400+ TSS ride (Wahoo) but when imported to Training Peaks it came through as a TSS of 365.

Is anyone else seeing this issue?


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Do you have the same FTP set on both?
If you do, that’s rather odd indeed.


Thanks that was it…for some reason I thought it pulled the FTP from Training Peaks.


Happened to me once as well hehe. Glad i could help you. :+1:

I am having the same issue but the FTP is set the same from my FastCat Excel sheet and the Wahoo app. Should I be using the test result number for Wahoo instead (prior to the 5% reduction)? Thanks.

I went through both TP and my Wahoo app again and found the issue. I did have it mismatched. One was set to my 20min test, and the other set to the FTP (5% reduction). Whoops. :slight_smile: