TSS Discrepancy between Zwift and TP

I’ve used Zwift’s workout planner to make target intervals to simulate group rides and look to reach the TSS prescribed.

I checked these rides against my TP data and there’s a discrepancy.

186 TSS in Zwift
210 TSS in TP

This happened again today. I was doing PRL Half in Zwift, finished, did the fake exit to check my TSS and saw that I was a bit short so kept doing Z2 until I reached 192TSS.

Once I finished I checked TP and it was 246 TSS.

Anyone else know about this or has experienced this?

On my side has like 5 to 10 TSS discrepancy, whether i load from TP or Zwfit, but it’s not important as long as you put the workout in and give 100% on training.

Part of the obsessions we have as cyclist is numbers.

Sounds like your FTP in Zwift is probably set higher than it is in TP.


Exactly what it was. Silly miss on my part. Thanks!

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