Acceptable TSS variance

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Question from a longtime mountain biker and zwifter (no road) that is a newbie training plan rider on Week 3 of SS Plan, 3 hour / 175 TSS ride. I just watched Coach Jake’s video on his 3 hour / 175 tss SS Ride and am not understanding the discrepancy in ftping. Coach Jake’s ride ended up being 160 minutes with 214 TSS (.97 tss per minute) for a prescribed 180 minute 175 TSS (1.34 tss per minute). My 3 hour ride ended up at 189 TSS and I had to chill out a lot to keep the TSS down. I tend to overthink. QUESTION: Are variances like Coach Jake’s acceptable, as long as the goal remains to get large blocks of SS, lots of saddle time, and not blow yourself out? Thank so much!

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HI @gravetrail or a prescribed 175 TSS ride, I think its fine to do 150 - 200.

So your 189 is great.

If you wanna FtFP extra well, do 175 - use TSS in real time on your bike computer like I think you are.

Having to chill out is a good sign that you. have gotten stronger :muscle: because when the watts come easier and the TSS it is an indication that your FTP has increased.

Sooooo I’d be willing to be when you do your mid-plan FTP test you’ll see an increase!

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