Wahoo Contact? (Elemnt Bolt Issues)

Hey there. Curious if anyone has a managerial level contact email at Wahoo? My Elemnt Bolt screen and bottom right button died on the same day last week after just 2.5 years. I contacted support and the rep has offered me a 40% crash discount but the caveat is that I must use a screwdriver, completely destroy the bolt per their document, and send pictures as proof.

Now the screen is still barely functional, but most importantly, I am still getting audio notifications from my Garmin radar tail light which I don’t want to give up on 40mph canyon descents with sports cars whipping by. Wahoo’s website notes that shipping is delayed due to Covid-19 so it could be weeks before I receive the new unit. I explained to the rep that while I don’t agree with the policy, I will destroy it but would like to wait until I have the new unit to destroy the old one. I also offered the solution that I will pay full price up front and then have them credit me back once I provide proof that the unit is destroyed. The rep is not budging.

I know this is a simple managerial fix and don’t want to take it out on the rep. If anyone has a contact I can speak to, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Sorry to hear about your ELEMNT Bolt… unfortunately no contact, but just wondering if you’ve got a LBS you’re friendly with: they’ll have a distributor and a customer relations manager who may help get you further up the Wahoo food chain.

Good luck :wink:!

Thanks, Anthony. I’ve been trying to get in touch with the LBS but for some reason they are not answering the phone even though their website says they are open. I appreciate your insight.