3 averages 1 head unit Wahoo Element Bolt

Hi, tried to do an easy 1 hour zone 2 today and although on a path peddling as soft as I could my power was too high. I calibrated my power meter and have one value in Strava, one on the head unit and one in Training Peaks. All values were too high and different. I could not go any slower.

Sounds like there is a problem with your power meter. See if you can do a firmware update on it. Or check with the manufacture of the power meter you use.

How was your heart rate? Might have to go off that if your power meter is not working properly.

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thanks, avg hr 122 so pretty much perfect but avg power 179, too high. will play around with the power meter some more

Is it a new power meter or a different brand you have used to test your FTP from?

same one that I have been using for almost a year, zwift ramp test was a little higher than full 20 min fascat but that seemed normal. firmware is updated

Cool! Didn’t know if maybe you had done your power test with an indoor smart trainer power or the power from your actual power meter. Indoor power will be lower than outdoor power but sounds more dramatic than that.