Elemnt Bolt/Zwift question


I am not sure if this is the right place for this question but I will try. Since it is winter here in Pennsylvania, most of my training has been inside using Zwift with my Fascat training plan. It is working well but, I seem to be having trouble with my Elemnt Bolt. I use the Bolt while training for the lap and average features but I seem to be seeing a lot of 0’s for my watts which impacts my lap averages, Intensity Factor, and w/kg. Has anyone else had this problem? Any solutions?

Ed K

Yes, I have had this exact same issue. It used to work perfectly, but at some point something changed somewhere and I can’t figure out why. I used to use the Bolt for every ride, but now I’ve given up.

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hi! have you tried updating your firmware? Start there… I will keep researching and if I find something I will post back on here!

-Coach Allie


What are you using for Zwift? A computer or Apple TV?

I’m interested in this as well.

I use zwift on apple tv and like that set-up. The other day I deleted a bunch of data(maps) from the bolt which allowed room for an update. My ride that afternoon had the same issues with the 0’s. Then yesterday I got on expecting the same thing and it worked perfectly. Today is a SS interval today so we will see what happens.

Ed K

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Ed, I have not had luck paring my bolt and Zwift to Apple TV simultaneously. What order of operation do you connect things?

If I do Zwift first, the bolt will connect but only for 5 seconds before it drops it completely. If I do the bolt first, my kickr will not show on zwifts pairing screen. :man_shrugging:


Use a Hammer h2 trainer and have never had a problem connecting zwift and my bolt. I have never even thought about the order of operations since I just turn them all on and it is good to go. Except for the 0’s I was receiving. But, my gf’s wahoo core will not connect to zwift and her bolt at the same time.


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Interesting. Thanks Ed! Must be a wahoo trainer thing.

Unfortunately it is. The Elemnt head units connect to the Kickr via Bluetooth by default. I’ve long requested with them to give users the option to select protocols. The AppleTV has limited Bluetooth connections available and so the two just end up tripping each other.

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