Broken wahoo - retrieve files?

So…did a race yesterday and wound up all out solo for ~45+ miles. Probably put up my best power ever (thanks FasCat) and was dead at the end, so much so that I left my wahoo on top of my car (before it synced!). It was crushed on the highway, but I managed to retrieve it. Does anyone have experience extracting files from a dead Wahoo? I’d really like to get my data.

Have you tried plugging it into a machine to see if you can access anything?

Agree with Adam, try plugging it into a PC, turning it on and see if the drive will mount up. The screen may not come on, but at least you could see if it is secretly alive there under the spider web!

Secondly, reach out to Wahoo, they might have some ideas or perhaps could get the files out somehow. At a minimum you could ask for a discount on the Bolt 2!

Plug it into your computer and see if your computer recognizes it - look in your files and if so you’ll be able to drag n drop all your data into your computer to manually upload to Strava/TrainingPeaks, etc… good luck :crossed_fingers:

Thanks all. The device won’t start up, so the computer cannot seem to access/recognize the device or find the files. Have a ticket open with Wahoo and will see if they can work any magic - will post back in the event anyone else makes the same stupid mistake I did…