W/kg improvement zero

Hello fellow riders
I would have a question please simple but for me a bit confusing more I read less makes sense
So my question - FTP 204
Do slim people able to push less w/kg as larger people?
I am avg 2 W/kg rider whatever I do practice zone 2 then hills and keep the strict recommended plan I cannot improve my W/kg
My avg power is 141w during a 3 hour ride
Cadence is between 77-103 rpm
Max hR 140
I feel good after the ride but with so much training I feel I’m static. Hope makes sense

Many thanks

What plan are you presently on? Where in the program are you?

Started 29/11/2021

By now I think you might be coming up on or have just recently finished a field test?

If you haven’t done it yet, perhaps hold off on the self-criticism until you see the results and compare it to your last field test (both of which should be apples-to-apples evaluations; same bike, same power meter)


Hi @adlerlucsi

@likhi.ondov is correct. We need some data from a recent field test to compare to the field test you did at the beginning of the plan, and it should be same bike, same power meter, and same protocol/terrain (indoors vs outdoors, etc).


Many thanks you all and I will upload the differences between the 2 fields tests
Indeed both tests will be done same bike same power meter same location indoor
Thank you again

Hello all
This is my last FTP test
Could someone be so kind and helps calculate my FTP please?

That was my old one on 30 of November 2021

Man thanks to all for your support


See the “Entire Workout” in blue? Tap that and select the 20 minute interval from the test. Then repost screenshot.

When I click on entire workouts it’s asking me to upgrade

On the PC same outcome

Try clicking on the text in the lower right on where it says “Lap #12”. This should be your 20 min effort. When you do that, the summary section above that should show your average power for just that lap instead of the entire workout.

Unfortunately same outcome as soon I click on the 20 min the pop up for the upgrade but is not changing the values only for the 20min

Well I think you need to use another app where you have your ride data. Strava, Garmin Connect, Wahoo, or even just on your bike computer. Any of these should be able to show you the average power for that lap. Good luck.

There should be a code you can use to get training peaks premium free for 30 days?

Well if you take 95% of your average power of 213 (as recommended by Fascat coaches), your FTP would just over 202.

You mentioned that your perform the test indoors. Can you confirm that you disable ERG mode on your trainer during the test?
The reason I ask is because your data looks a little unusual to me. Your max power for that 20 min lap is only 219 watts, while your average is 213 watts. In reality, it is extremely difficult to maintain your power in such a narrow range. And I would also expect some extra “push” in the last 1-2 minutes where your max power might exceed your average by some 30-40 watts.

Hi many thanks for your answer
I did not disabled anything on the Kickr honestly
I had the ftp test exactly as I am using it for training
I do a calibration every 1 week
Today the FTP test was completely exhausting until I finished the 20 min after my Hr and the spin become very reasonable
I try to keep the cadence between 75 to 85 rpm constant.
The last ftp test same bike same kickr same location without disabling
Again much appreciate your response thank you

Yeah most likely Erg mode was on…
You need to redo the test and turn off Erg mode.