Vo2 with sweet spot

Hi team Fascat,
Loving the Sweet spot 3 plan, next will be the criterium intervals plan as i have my 1st open on NYD, just curious if i can add a vo2 max session in with the SS3 plan as vo2 and above are my limiter’s, and if so what session would be the best?
30/30 style or 3-5min efforts.
Thanks Scotty

Hey Scotty,

You’ll get Vo2 workouts in the interval plan. The sweet spot plans are there to build base and aerobic fitness.

Do you do group rides on the weekends? This is a good way to get in some freestyle intensity.

There are a multitude of good reasons to do either style of Vo2 intervals but we mostly have 2-5 minute intervals in our plans.

One workout I do like to give athletes is 2 sets of 6 x 40 second ON (zone 5), 20 seconds off. 5 minutes between sets. Then a 15 minute sweet spot interval to follow.


Awesome, thanks coach Jake, so basically there’s no reason to do that vo2 session as i can get it in the group rides? Sorry for the question’s, i want to perform correctly, I’ve had too many years of wishy washy training.

You don’t need to now. If you’re doing hard group rides you’ll get that work than. But more importantly you’ll get it during your interval plan.

This is what I call organic free range VO2 work + anaerobic too - one of the biggest reason why a good 'ol fashioned group ride throwdown is a highly effective training technique :muscle:


So does this mean during the Sweetspot 18 week plan, if I’m on a Sweetspot Group Ride it is ok to get some VO2 efforts into the ride?

Yeah that is fine! Like Frank said it should be organic and not looking for it though. You hit a hill and you stomp on the pedals to get over there you go. You take could take a few long pulls, lead out or etc on group rides that would equate to vo2 max efforts.

Hard right now as we are avoiding group rides with social distancing but some on Zwift have jumped into a few group rides or races where they have hit this zone and that is fine during the 18 week sweet plan. The main aspect to the ride should be around getting sweet spot efforts but there will be times you are over and that is more than ok.

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Thanks Jake, hope you guys are staying safe over in the states!!! Were missing our group rides here in U.K. :frowning:


Thanks we are too, but we are all in this together! FasCat joined some Zwift rides together which were awesome since we don’t have real group rides. It was a great way to mix up some solo time and break that up. It’s a great option.

Stay safe and healthy.