Sweetspot Part 4 Vo2 Intervals or Group Ride

Hi, sorry if this is showing up for a second time, I think I posted it in the wrong place before!

My local fast gp ride is on a Wednesday, the same day as the polarized plan’s V02 intervals. It’s a short hr long ride with lots of attacking and surges, I tend to do 20-35 minutes at or above V02 powers on it.

A. Should I keep the plan the same and replace the Wednesday intervals with the group ride?

B. Be antisocial, ditch the group ride and FTFP?!

C. Do the group ride on Wednesday AND switch the V02 intervals to Thursday? I’m guessing two intensity days back to back defeats the purpose of polarized!

My goal event is a 7hr mtb race at the end of June, I hope to carry form from that in to xc races after!

Also, I have followed W&B then SS 1,2 and 3 so far, I cracked 5 wkg on my 20 minute field test last week which is a huge improvement/goal for me. Thanks!!!