Vaccination and FTFP

I"m a R.N. working at a Hospital here in New Hampshire, and so have received my Covid Vaccinations. My experience with the 2 shot schedule and my ability to FTFP, was that after the first shot, no biggie, rested the day after, but then right back to the plan. However, dose number 2 was a different story! It took a good 3 days to get back to somewhat normal, meaning no muscle aches, normal sleep, energy level good, no fever. So as we go forward with more and more of us getting vaccinated, which we all should so we can get back to racing, plan your FTFP accordingly. Hope this helps!


Thanks for sharing @waynefbarlow - ‘congrats’ on getting the vaccine and hope you can get back to normal sooner than later.

Interesting that you mention the 2-3 days post 2nd dose to feel normal again because that has been been my experience for the athletes I coach that have gotten the vaccine. First dose no side effects but 2nd dose we revised the training plan downstream for 2 off days. The 3rd day easy zone 2 riding and by the weekend gtg for the sweet spot TSS rides!

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I have found with my co-workers that the majority have had zero issues with dose number 1, but about 10 - 18 hours after dose 2, flu like symptoms such as I experienced. A very few had those issues with dose 1 but then none with dose 2. Our immune systems are unique! And just remember that revving up the immune system is a good thing with the vaccine. Means it’s working!



Coincidentally, my second shot is scheduled for Friday afternoon. I am in the middle of the second regeneration week of the 18 week sweet spot. I’m a little off the “long rides on the weekend” schedule, so Friday and Saturday for me are off, and then begin the next 3 week block on Sunday. Should I do something on Friday morning, anticipating that I will be off the bike on Sat and Sun, and doing zone 2 on Monday?

That was certainly my experience. I received my second dose on a Thu morning, felt fine until the evening, then Fri and Sat were the days when I did not train at all, and did a very easy zone 1/2 effort on Sunday. By Monday I resumed my normal pattern. So it did mean a lost weekend of training, but especially this time of year, that’s not a huge issue.
Be sure to drink plenty of water after the vaccine as you may have a low grade fever for a few days!

Hi All,

I’m having a somewhat different experience. I got the first dose of the Moderna vaccine yesterday at about noon. By 3:00 PM, my arm was sore, but no biggie. I did my Tempo 4x8 workout at about 5:30 PM and it went just fine. However, by 9:15 PM I was crashing hard and decided to go to bed early. It was a night of pretty restless sleep with throbbing arm pain and headache. Today has been a continuation of that. Less arm pain, but definitely fatigue and headache. Also, my resting heart rate this morning was 20 bpm higher than normal. I probably napped another 6-8 hours today. I’m typing this at 9:45 pm GMT and would say I definitely feel better than 24 hours ago. I suspect I’ll be feeling well tomorrow, but I definitely skipped my Zone 2 ride today.

I had COVID back in November, so it is possible that has something to do with my harsh reaction to the first dose. Luckily, I think today’s Zone 2 workout will be the only one missed this week. I also have dose #2 scheduled for a Wednesday, so hopefully if I react badly again I will only have to miss an easy workout.

I’m currently on the Sweet Spot 1 plan. My advice to anyone is to try and get the vaccine at least a couple of days before the “money maker” workouts like the ones on Tuesday and Saturday.

Update: I thought these screen shots from my heart rate variability app were pretty telling. You can see how the day after my vaccine was no bueno! One is my resting heart rate first thing in the morning, and the other is my “recovery points”


I found out yesterday that I am now eligible to receive the vaccine. I have a little flexibility with scheduling hence where my question comes in. I fat bike race next weekend, March 13th, and then will roll into regeneration week. Would it be recommended to try and yime the the vaccination to land on a regeneration week and risk poor recovery or during a regular training week and lose/underperform on a workout or two?

From what I have read/heard most people don’t struggle much with the first dose, but the second could be a problem for a couple of days. I have my next feedback session with Coach Isaiah in a couple of weeks, but don’t want to miss the regeneration week window if this would be the best time.

Any pro tip on timing would be greatly appreciated to schedule that first dose, regeneration week or not? I know Coach Isaiah can take good care of tweaking what needs to be tweaked downstream to deal with the fallout of the second dose.
Thanks in advance,
Tim C

I had my first vac (pfizer) during a recovery week. I felt a bit fuzzy the next day and missed 1 ride, so only 2 rides completed that week. But I have come back super strong in the next block.
I will definitely schedule the 2nd vac in a recovery week.

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Thanks, @jean12 , appreciate that info!

I know we as Coaches have been revision plans for athletes that are getting their 1st and 2nd doses. I have notice the 2nd dose to require 36-48 hours of recovery post injection and then a day of easy riding.

It varies per the individual, I have had some athletes take 2 days off and be fine on the 3rd day post and others take 1 day off and do an easy zone 2 ride the 2nd day post.

You’ll figure it out just let your body tell you how to FtFP!


Thanks, @FRANK I guess I will schedule it for my regeneration week beginning on the 15th, then, coach @Isaiah and I can game plan the second dose schedule during our feedback session later that week.

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