Missing important sessions(s) due to vaccine

I’m in the final week of my 18 week SS program - next week is my FTP test.

I just had my first vaccination yesterday and am feeling a bit under today and based on what I’m hearing from others it may get worse over the next day or so. It’s AZ which I think has the worse affect with the first shot than second (unlike Pfizer).

What should I do about today’s (Tues.) and possibly Wed. sessions? I’d be less worried if it was earlier in the program but I have my FTP test next week after 4 months of this program so I want to maximize my approach, especially given that I’ve been 100% on point for the entire 18 weeks.

The way I’m currently feeling I could probably do a Zone 2 ride for an hour but unlikely that I could I ride at SS with Zone 6 intervals etc.


Ciao Marko - best to listen to your body and take your recovery one day and a time.

For all the athletes I coach everyone has had to take the day after their 2nd dose completely off the bike.

Then 2 days after, everyone I has experience with has felt fine to jump back into/onto their training plan. So all in all you’ve lost 1-2 days which is not the end of the world for your test coming up next week.

The training you’ve done up until now will come thru - its what we call ‘hay in the barn’. Good luck and I hope that helps. Bet you feel fine to train tomorrow -


Many thanks Frank. I won’t rush it then…just panicked with it being so close to my FTP test :slight_smile:

I’ll see how it goes tomorrow but will rest today.

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Hey @MarkoP how did it end up going?

The day after (Tues) I had chills and overall body aches and no energy (but also no fever) so obviously I didn’t train that day and got some extra rest.

On Wednesday I felt pretty normal so I did my Wednesday session as planned - I hit all the targets in my session but it was tough. I probably could have taken another day of rest but I got through it without too much stress. And I also did a total body workout done later in the day (slightly lower volume than normal).

Will see how today’s session goes but I’m feeling pretty much back to normal today so hoping today’s session goes well with only 1 day missed overall.