Adjusting Plan for Covid Vaccine

Hey there, Fastcat Coaches (and forum). Curious of your opinion here. I just finished week 14 of my 18-wks of SS plan (Wk 2 of the 4 wk build). I am doing this all while also receiving weekly immunotherapy shots for allergies. This past Friday, I cracked on my workout. First one I haven’t gotten through on the plan.

I have my second Covid shot tomorrow. Given this, and that Mother’s Day is coming on Sunday (must take some time to appreciate my wife), I am wondering if I should basically use this week as a recovery week and pick some workouts from the this past week (the 2nd build week/wk 14) and then get back into week 3 next week, or should I just keep trucking and do what I can on the 3rd week and then go into my normal rest week?

I have not races or deadlines in my plan…Thanks for your help and insights.

Good luck with that 2nd covid shot. Had mine on Friday struggled through my ride on Friday afternoon and wasn’t able to ride Saturday. I could probably have gone out today but decided to take today off too.