Running training peaks workouts on wahoo bolt inddors on smart trainer

I am trying to figure out how to run my fascat workouts delivered via trainingpeaks indoors off my Wahoo bolt V2 head unit using a Wahoo Kickr SNAP and my Favero Assioma pedals for my power meter. I can successfully sync, pull up, and run the fascat workout delivered from TP on my Wahoo head unit. I have my Favero pedals recognized and the Kickr SNAP recognized (via add sensors). However, I believe my head unit displayed and adjusted power using the SNAP power meter rather than the Assioma pedal power. The reason I believe this to be the case is that AFTER my workout when I looked at my power trace is was too smooth suggesting it was from the SNAP as the power curves from that are super smooth in ERG mode. In contrast when they come from another power meter (i.e., favero pedals) there is lots of high frequency noise even when running workouts in ERG mode. Since I use the Favero pedals for my power on all my outdoor rides I should use them for indoors as well. So how do I get the head unit to control the SNAP using the Favero pedals as the power meter for the workout and not the power meter in the SNAP smart trainer? I am not using Zwift, but I know in setting that up you could toggle and tell zwift to use the SNAP as the smart trainer and a power meter outside the smart trainer as the power meter. Without using an app i am not sure how the Wahoo would know which power meter to use if connected boht to a smart trainer as well as a crank or pedal based power meter.