Masters 50+ Intermediate Mods & Year Round Sprint Work

Hello, I am a cyclist over 50 who has several of your plans: mainly Resistance Training + Sweet Spot Off Season Plan - 32 Weeks - Intermediate but also some 6 week climbing and rr/crit interval supplemental plans as well (both intermediate). After reading your podcast on training as 50+ cyclist with a busy 40 hour/week job (Riding Faster After 50 – FasCat Coaching), I am wondering if I should move to more basic plans and/or what modifications you would recommend if I keep my current intermediate ones? For instance, if I keep my current plan should I reduce intervals and total time so that 3x 15 or 4 x 10’s become 2x15 and 3x10’s and 90 minute weeknight workouts are more in the 60 minute range? Or is it better to just switch to a Basic plan and focus on FtFP there without mods?

Also, what is your take on doing sprint work/ standing starts throughout the year? I’ve read it is good for masters to stay on top of their speed and - while I haven’t focused on sprinting in the past - am better at indoor training these days and am open to it. Just not sure if better to stick to SS-tempo-Endurance weekday rides this time of year or somehow supplement some sprints here and there as well.
I saw your reply about not doing VO2 intervals all year and wonder if that is the same message, i.e., focus on sprints/standing starts in the Race Phase predominately and FtFP in the Base/Build phases?

Hi @bkrman - we received this same email and replied to you there -

Yep, I got it. Thanks for the quick reply!

Interested in what you had to say about old folks like me and sprint work. I’m assuming you said we need it but I could be wrong. I do know as a 60 plus rider I need to be very diligent about recovery and don’t dig myself into a hole chasing CTL