Can I upgrade intermediate plans to advanced?

Dear FasCat!

I am enjoying your programs a lot and own multiple intermediate plans. Since COVID my work situation changed and I have a LOT more time now and want to upgrade to Advanced to get crazy fast. Is there a possibility to do this?



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Hey Wim,
Most definitely!
do you wish to do this for all the plans or just the ones you are currently using?

I want to for all the plans if that is possible. Thanks in advance!

Just made those swaps for you Wim. You should have the emails waiting for you to accept the intermediate version of those plans :slight_smile:

I received them Lacey! Thank you very much. Super stoked!


Hi Lacey, I have the same question about going from intermediate to advanced.

I gather that is possible.

My TP email is



Of course, I just swapped those for you !


I see SS4 was changed, but I don’t see the others changed: Fondo; Gravel Grinder - Hilly;

Phil’s Strava PR Plan for Segments > 15 minutes and Resistance Training + Sweet Spot Off Season Plan - 32 Weeks.

Can those by changed?

Hi @lacey.rivette

Thanks for changing SS4.

Can the other training plans I have in TP be changed to advanced? (

Apologies for missing those, you used a different email address when you purchased those plans and they didnt show up when I first searched your orders. I just swapped the off season plan, gravel and Strava KOM plan to advanced for you though, so you should have the email waiting in your inbox for you to accept them :slight_smile:

@Lacey_Rivette, thanks so much.

My apologies, I didn’t remember I used a different email address.

You are the best!


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No worries – happens all the time!
Thanks for being a loyal fascat :slight_smile:

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