Updating on my training #Gains #FtFP

Happy Fri-YAY all!

Hope everyone is having a great day and looking forward to getting out this weekend. Just thought I’d give an update on my training, additionally this is the first structured training I’ve done. I’m in the 2nd regeneration week of the 18 Wk SS Plan (Intermediate), which makes it week 8. Just did my tempo session this morning 4x12 and had to hold back on the power to stay in the zone :muscle: I also noticed after analyzing the data my average HR for the each interval was the top end of my zone 2 :call_me_hand: :grin:

Looking forward to my SS ride tomorrow outdoors.

I"ll admit with the nicer weather here in Toronto recently some days it’s been a challenge not to go out & ride on an off day but makes it worth it when you see & feel gains like that in only 8 short weeks, all ya gotta do is #FtFP :call_me_hand:

Have a great weekend all, stay safe & #FtFP!



Congrats on the gains!! Not surprising especially if you’re sticking to the plan!

Way to go and thanks for sharing!

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