20 minute test day today!

Hi guys, just a the end of week 8 (regen week) of the 18 week sweetspot plan. I’m in need of a 20min test as I believe my FTP is up approx 25-30w since the beginning of the plan. So this week I have copied the regen week from the new SS4 plan and today is the test day, I have just had breakfast and am excited about getting out there and giving it some beans.

I have a new found confidence going into this test, due to the 2x10min full gas effort w/ 5min recovery I did earlier this week to give me a target number to go out at. I will let you know how it goes later!!!

Thanks for all your advice, plans and just being a community to tap into, also something i do like is when the Trainplan Customer answers a question that has been posted, as Frank, Jake or any of the other coaches will soon put them right if the wrong advice had been given. This gives the customer the opportunity to clarify if they are getting the whole concept of training!!!

Just my thoughts, sorry this looks like a bit of a blog, but I’m sat here ready to ride and just wanted someone to talk too xxx

Cheers guys
Have a great day


Ok so the test is done, first couple of minutes went of a little harder than I was suppose to but over the next couple of minutes managed to bring thinks back under control. Held the power well through the rest of the test with an VI of 1.0 :ok_hand:.

So on to the results. My FTP 8 weeks ago was 244watts, today after FtFPing my new FTP is… 283watts. That is a 39 watt or 16% increase in 8 weeks,

So again a big thank you to The Big Cat and his team, and all you Training Plan Customers.



Wow congrats. That’s huge!

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Great job! Sometimes you just have to go off of feel as well since you don’t want to be held back by your powermeter. You may just be on a really good day with proper rest and taper. Sounds like you did a pretty good job managing the effort. Those last 4 - 6 minutes can be quite brutal! Huge increase!

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Thanks Jake, fortunately I could see a rider in the distance with 4 mins to go so went and hunted him down. Bit of extra motivation :+1:t2:

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Did you do weights before this program?

Hi Sam, no I didn’t. I only started riding again when lockdown started after a year and a half of the bike due to a crash back in 2018.