Two CX races in one day

I’m considering doing two CX races in one day this weekend. I’ve done two crits in one day before but never two CX races. I took last weekend off so feeling fresh. I also want to try a different age (older) category for the first race which will be a shorter duration. The second race will be 4 hours later in the day. Any thoughts or advice appreciated!

I am not a big fan of two races a day from a performance standpoint but I am a BIG fan of the 2nd race from a technical skills practice standpoint.

You just have to be cool with not racing as fast for your 2nd race as you did your first!

Therefore use the 2nd race to practice and FUN. Guaranteed it will hurt so use the opportunity to get more laps on the course and work on your Sveness

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@FRANK thanks I will use the second race to hone my skills and empty the tank and be okay with the result. The race is in Golden. You should come by!


Yeah my legs have felt pretty wooden in the 2nd race of the day.

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short update - due to unforeseen results I ended up racing just once on both Saturday and Sunday. See: Post your RACE PICS or WEEKEND RIDE PICS here! - #72 by jamesstevens

I’ll have to try the two CX races in one day another time…or maybe never :rofl: