For "C" road races on Sunday...?

Hi Fascat coaches! I’m doing some road racing in preparation for the (yet to be announced) upcoming CX season. I’ve put these races in my TP calendar as “C” priority. The issue is that they’re on Sunday, so I’m wondering what you’d advise for Saturday.

Go with a long Z2 ride on Saturday like normal, then hit the race hard on Sunday? Or follow a “pre-race” plan to simulate the day before racing as much as possible?

Ideally these races would be Saturday so could go hard, then just Z2 it Sunday, but no such luck there.

TGIF - to race or not to race, therein lies the question:


@FRANK , well that was very timely! It’s funny to think the US is thinking about their CX season already. Here it is autumn in Australia, the days are short, the mornings are cold and we still don’t have a state CX series calendar available. :frowning: The National Series is posted, starting first weekend in June and running through mid-September. I’m starting the 6 weeks to CX plan next week, and now I know I should only do the road races if it suits the training goal, not the other way around.

EDIT: I should have added that normally our CX season starts in April with some grassroots/club events, then the state series which has the national series interwoven into it. In my case, maybe the road racing now isn’t as bad seeing how we would normally be immersed in CX racing at this point.