Cross is cancelled! I'm gettin' creative

All but one race on our local CX race series have been cancelled, (including Rochester UCI). I expect that the one race still scheduled will be cancelled as well. In light of this, I am trying to keep things interesting and be creative. I have completed; Six weeks to Sweetspot Basic, Cyclocross Summer Sweetspot (Intermediate). I have chosen to switch gears a bit. I am currently doing Intervals For Criteriums Basic. I plan on doing Zwift 25-40 min. crit races this fall for fun and to replace the cancelled CX races. I am also looking forward to trying something new. The lower volume of this plan will still allow me to get in at least a couple of extra fun hours a week to get over to my local park for CX. It is a great venue BTW. I have laid out my Strava “Secret training course” for some Strava CX Challenge action as well. One side note; I am 68 and I find the basic plans allow for just the right TSS and recovery for me. I have done 8-900 TSS weeks in the past, and I just get gutted by them. I did 4 hard days in a row of gravel and climbing with friends in July for 800+ TSS!! I had to take a really easy week to recover. It seems 350-500 TSS is just right. Sorry for the ramble. I am really enjoying FasCat training and FTFPing!


@john.dunn, don’t apologize… We LOVE hearing you ramble about #FtFPing, setting goals and most importantly, having fun! Way to make the best of this crazy year we are having and hope to hear you ramble again soon about how your zwift races and the CX challenge went!

As they say on zwift, RIDE ON! :boom::facepunch:t3:


Yea also @john.dunn - we are suggesting our brand new strava cyclocross skills and race plan to scratch your cyclocross competitive itch!