Simulated CX races

As a result of C-19, we found out yesterday that the highly competitive Ohio Valley CX series has been cancelled for this year :sob: :poop:. I’m holding out hope that the more grassroots low-key local series will be able to go forward, or that there may be a couple race weekends this fall, but I’m mentally preparing for the inevitable.

According to my plan, I’m about 6 weeks from my peak CTL and have already begun including skill sessions. However, with a high likelihood of no CX this fall (at least in my region), I’m trying to figure out how to get the most out of myself. CX is kind of unique in that it doesn’t exist outside of a racing environment. You can always do a solo gravel or MTB simulation race but CX not so much! I want to use my skills and fitness, and peaking for Strava segment hunting isn’t especially appealing. So what do you guys recommend?

Actually on the contrary - go over to your local cx practice park/area and time yourself for 5 laps. Create a “5 lap strava segment” from that effort and go back with new and improved skills and race yourself -faster lap times, faster 5 lap time with better skills. You can use strava live segments during the effort as well.

This will also be good practice/training for when cx race promoters roll our new time trial (individual start) cyclocross races.

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Good idea @FRANK! We do have a weeknight CX time trial, where riders start three at a time. It’s a bit of a long drive for a weeknight but if that’s all we have then it’s sure to bring out some of the heavy hitters! For local practices / self-races, my loop includes MTB singletrack and a more CX specific section too. That actually could be quite interesting as the weather degrades as it will exercise the tire and pressure selection skill in addition to the race skills!


@FRANK is this what you’re talking about?

Nys vs. Van Der Poel

This is so sick! The full-gas running section looks so brutal.

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Yes - there is also a sandpit hillclimb for distance I saw too.

For us a cx tt will simply be a cx course like regular and instead of a mass start everyone will start individually one at a time in 30-60 second intervals for example. You’ll race x number of laps and be scored based on time like time trial results. So sorta crossy but also time trial-esque. No more excuses about couldn’t pass :wink:

I think we are going to see some fun events and challenges this fall!