TSS seems high for ride

While I’m just returning to some more riding and training after some sick time!! I just did a good gravel ride and TSS was 191 for a 2:50 ride that was 34 miles. While the ride was a bit hard I don’t feel perceived effort was that hard.
Could this TSS be accurate considering off bike for a fair amount of time.

TSS is based of your of your FTP. So if your FTP is set properly And powermeter is reading accurately than yes it would be accurate. If anything after time off your FTP maybe slightly lower which would yield a higher TSS.

191 for a ride that is nearly 3 hours is a fairly hard ride. So it should have felt it, but you may have also felt fresh after some time off. And that can go a long way. It really is hard to say without seeing the file and previous training days that would compare.

You can also look at heart rate. Compare the average heart rate of this ride to similar rides. Was the power and heart rate similar between rides with same TSS numbers? Sometimes just a few short hard efforts up climbs and etc can push up the TSS without having to go full gas the entire ride.