Mountain Bike and low TSs

I am working with the 6 weeks to CX plan.
On the weekends, the plan calls for 3 hour ride and TSS of 150

I live in Eagle Colorado with awesome mountain bike right out my front door, so on the weekend I hit the trails.
Last weekend I rode for 3 hours, 24.7 miles, 4000 feet of climbing, 1,301 kj’s but only a TSS score of 101.
Does that meet the goal for the day??
David Burns

We’d have to analyze to power file to say for sure @davidrburns but in my experience it could be one of two things going on or a combination of both:

  1. mtb powermeter reads lower
  2. lots of technical terrain and consequent ‘zero time’ does not generate TSS like it does on the cx bike/terrain
  3. combo or 1 2

Overall tho in the big BIG picture you FtFP’ed so nice work,

I use “power cal” heart rate strap, no power meter hub on mountain bike
I use power tap wireless hub on my road bike and the power cal on my mountain and CX bike

I think it’s a low power output for the ride
David Burns

ah yea - your TSS #'s are apples to oranges…

So, if you go old skool - if you rode for 3 hours and zone’s 2/3 heart rate you FtFP’ed.