TSS readout on my Garmin vs. what shows up on training peaks

Anyone ever have issues with discrepancies between training peaks tss listed for a ride and what your cycling computer reads out for the same ride (Garmin in my case with stages power meter)? My tss never match, with my Garmin always reading much higher

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I have that issue as well. It’s frustrating getting different numbers. :man_shrugging:

My setup is currently running a Garmin 830 with a Quarq DZero power meter.

ya sadly there will always be a slight difference in how the two systems process. First thing to check which gets them as close as possible is that your zones in TP and your zones on your Garmin are identical.

Thanks a lot. Maybe that is the issue. I’ll check. Thanks again!


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Not sure if you got this figured out, but I had the same issue. Deal was, my Garmin FTP was set lower than my TP FTP.