Trainingpeaks TSS & NP vs WKO/GC

Did some standing CX starts last night. Any thoughts on why TP and WKO would have vastly different TSS/NP values? The data is clean/no spikes. No recent changes in FTP settings.
Quarq PM/Garmin Edge 520
TP - 86 TSS/197 NP
WKO - 112 TSS/220 NP
And to make matters worse, Garmin Connect reported 124 TSS/237 NP
All had same AP and max power. Time was identical.

Long story short it is how your Garmin is recording and saving the data.

It has been well proven, Garmin smooths some data here and there to deal with drops and other events. WKO4 never manipulates the data. Not saying one way is wrong or right, just saying that WKO4 uses the exact data recorded.

So with a workout such as CX starts with short explosive power you can easily expect to miss a single high power output the isn’t being calculated into the average by the Garmin which is going into TrainingPeaks. But since it is in the power file itself, WKO4 is.

You’re not the first person to experience this or see this.


Coach Jake - do you know if Wahoo does this or not?

Not that I’ve heard of. Seems to be more of a Garmin thing.

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+1 for Wahoo ontop of plenty of other features I like, thanks