Staying in the zone

Power meter newbie here and have been finding it really hard to stay in the proper zone during training rides in the mountainous terrain I live in. I have my Garmin set for 3 second power, is that best or would 10 second or something else be better?

Also I’ve been using the training mode on the garmin and it seems to make sense to stay on track but I find it incredibly distracting because it’s constantly beeping as I float in and out of the proper zones. Any suggestions?

Yeah I would stick to no more than 3 seconds. As you get better at watching your effort it should help level out your power. In a mountainous area it may include a lot of shifting. You really just want to spend most of the time in the zone even though you may have moments where it bounces around it. Most zones have a pretty wide range so there is wiggle room there. Look at your averages when you get back and also your power distribution chart to make sure you are spending most of the time in the correct zones.

Thanks Jake, appreciate all the help.