Coaching subscription and Training Peaks

I recently purchased a power meter for my gravel bike and then about a week later purchased the coaching subscription. The power meter took a bit longer to get to me than expected, so Coach Isiah and I have already had our first coaching feedback session. I got the power meter installed late last week and used that bike on both of my weekend Sweet Spot rides. My 20-minute power is 30 - 40 watts higher than the estimate that TP has me at while riding in the appropriate HR zones.

My next feedback session is later in February and I don’t want to ride junk miles over the next couple of weeks. Should I change the threshold power in TP or just continue to ride HR and have that power data for Coach Isiah later in the month?

Lastly, I nearly doubled projected TSS over the weekend while riding in the appropriate HR zone. Is this due to the discrepancy of power anticipated and power actual?

Thanks in advance,
Tim C

I do have a cold snap moving my way in a couple of days as well, so will be indoors on the trainer. I feel good in the HR zones we have set and Coach said we will talk about another field test with power at our next feedback session. I just want to be sure to be using my time effectively and submitting the best data possible.

Hey @tim.cahhal

Glad you got your power meter! 100% you need to have you do a power test. If you are able ether do your power test today or tomorrow that would be ideal as I know you have Mondays as your rest day.

This will help to make sure you are following the correct zones as well as having correct TSS values.

Looking forward to seeing the test file when I check in on the coaching subscription! :sunglasses:


Thanks! Today is a beautiful 55-degree day, I will knock out a new field test outdoors with power!


I got it knocked out over lunch, thanks again!