Training Timing before Race / Bike Fit Questions


I have two questions.

First, I am planning on an A race on April 18th (Barry Roubaix 36 Mile Gravel Race). I had inquired about this initially before buying any training plans and Frank had suggested the Resistance + Sweet Spot Training Plan and then rolling right into the Road Interval Training Plan since the Barry Roubaix works more like a road race. I have bought both and working through the Resistance and Sweet Spot Training Plan right now. My question is with the Road Interval Plan, should I time that to finish the same week as the race or one or more weeks prior? Just trying to figure out to time up everything as right now if I did both training plans in full, it would finish the week prior to the race.

Second, do you have any recommendations for bike fitting and a technology you feel is best? I’m looking to do a bike fit over the winter as I’ve never had one done and the two technologies and the different local bike shops that they use are either the Guru Bike Fit System or Body Geometry Fit. Do you guys have any recommendations with this and one that you think is better than the other?

Thanks in Advance,

Hey Brent,

As for the plan I would recommend you finish the road interval plan the week before Barry Roubaix. Use the week of Barry Roubaix as a taper / rest week. Pretty similar to a regeneration week. You will want one day of short hard efforts on Wednesday. Thursday off. And Friday openers.

Re: bike fitting - we used to do bike fitting when FasCat had a performance center and what I looked for in a bike fitter was their experience and their education. I.e have they seen the inside of an anatomy book.

Technology, Retul, Guru whatever is useless if you fitter is not experienced nor education.

The best qualification are > 5 years bike fitting experience (> 100 bike fits) + a master in physical therapy. Physical therapists make the BEST bike fitter.

So as far as Body Geometry, Retul, etc… - instead looks for the above qualifcation no matter what the system they are using. A GOOD fitter can fit you with a plumb bob and their eyes. Using their brain, of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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