Training Plan for Triple Bypass & Leadville

This past year was my first with a power meter and following a formal training plan. I am thrilled with the results and feel with the right plan that anything is possible. The only thing I didn’t like was the neglect I felt for my mountain bike while I rode my road bike for all of the training miles.

I’ve got this crazy idea tingling my brain of trying to ride both the Triple Bypass and Leadville 100 next year. I feel confident that I can train properly to finish the Triple. However, Leadville would be my first organized MTB ride. Is there a training plan or combination of plans that would allow me to split time between the mountain and road bike and put me in a position to finish both rides in a respectable time? I live in Atlanta, so I won’t have the benefit of being able to ride in Colorado until the actual rides.

Thanks for your sage advice.

Hey David!

Right on! It’s great to have goals, even crazy ones as it will push you and motivate you through some hard training days.

You could do our Leadville 100 training plan.

All the workouts can be done on the road. Many mountain bike racers will do several of their workouts on the road. Just best to get on the mountain bike a few times to work on skills though! So mixing in a mountain bike ride or two a week would be a great idea! Easy to complete some of the zone 2 or freestyle sweet spot workouts on the mountain bike.

Triple Bypass and Leadville both have tons of climbing so the workouts will be similar. So you will be doing the same training for both.

I’d recommend you doing our offseason and 18 week of sweet spot. Then you can follow that up with 6 weeks to Leadville as an option.

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