Carson City Epic 50 / High Cascades / Leadville MTB

My main focus in 2020 is the Leadville MTB 100 but am also doing the High Cascades 100 and a few other 50 miles races. What training plans do you recommend? When should I start them? I am currently doing the weight lifting plan which I love!!

Thank You

Hi James - thanks for asking over here.

Glad to hear you are lifting weights. So then after that you want to build a big base. Drive your CTL up using the PMC chart in TrainingPeaks and our 18 week Sweet Spot 18 plan:

after that I think you could benefit from our Sweet Spot Marathon MTB Plan:

Hope that helps - and then you can use the forum and this training tip to edit the plan per your race schedule:

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Thank You for your help.

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