Racing during training plan

Hi guys!
I’m currently on the 18 weeks of sweet spot plan and am going to do Tahoe Trail and Leadville this year. I purchased the Leadville plan and saw that Tahoe Trail is on the second weekend of the plan.

How should I approach doing Tahoe Trail? Should I race it full out or treat it like a training ride. Also because of travel and logistics, that will probably be the only ride for that weekend. Any recommendations for how I should adjust my training plan for that?

PS. I haven’t been able to retest since i started the sweet spot plan, but I can tell from power i’m seeing in training and the way my legs feel that i have become a much stronger rider.



Hey David! Glad to hear you are feeling the gains :raised_hands:t3:
I would suggest taking tuesday off, do your wednesday workout, take thursday off and then do leg openers on friday. You can use sunday as a rest day and jump back in to the plan as scheduled on week 3. Depending on your fatigue, it may be best to do your workout from saturday in week 2 rather than the big effort you have planned on saturday in week 3. Hard to say for sure though, as that would be something you’d need a coach (or yourself) to monitor and make the game call decision on.

P.S. Please keep us updated on how those races go! From the sounds of it… you are going to have an epic summer filled with bikes!

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Thanks Lacey! That’s super helpful. Yes, hoping it will be an epic summer of bikes!

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Good luck w Tahoe Trail! What is that event and where can I find info? I’m assuming it is MTB and guessing it must be in July or later. I did Rose to Toad’s a few year’s ago and that was simply epic. Have a fun summer racing!


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Hey Mark. Here is the site. Its on July 17 and is a Leadville qualifier. I heard the course is a blast.


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