Sweet Spot 3 or Sweet Spot 4?


I’m a masters athletes training for my A race, the Leadville 100 on August 14th. I’m currently in the middle of Sweet Spot 2 and plan to do the FasCat Leadville Plan which has a recommended start of July 3. When I finish Sweet Spot 2, I’ll have 6 weeks until the start of the Leadville Plan - do you recommend following Sweet Spot 3 or 4 during this time? I’ve completed this race 4 previous times and am training for sub 9/10 PR. I have time to complete the intermediate level plans on a weekly basis, but also subscribe to the fresher is faster mindset, particularly now that I’m in my 50’s.


Hiya @james.macmillam - thanks for your question. I have one back to you:

when you finished sweet spot part 2 how will your ‘base’ be? A la your CTL?

If needs more I’ll say sweet spot part 3.

If your CTL is Good we could work on raising your FTP with sweet spot part 4 (the VO2’s)

And then either way, you are on the right track with the Leadville plan for the 6 weeks prior :muscle:

Thanks for the quick reply Frank. Judging from the projection on my PMC, my CTL will be somewhere in the low to mid 60’s at the end of the current plan. I’ve not been good about using TrainingPeaks in past years, and haven’t really used TSS and CTL consistently to manage training loads and track progress. In assessing my goals, I had assumed somewhere between 90-100 would be a good number to target based other reading and video watching of like athletes.

Yea, prolly stick with the sweet spot part 3 and then the Leadville Plan.

I’d project those out in your PMC to see that you get to 78-82-ish, or higher and that is a nice blend of endurance since that what Leadville is - a true endurance test , good luck!

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