Training plan for higher Volume

I’m looking for a training plan with some higher Volume. I finished off my base training for the season and now I’m looking for a more structured training plan. I was riding 18-22 hours a week in my base training. Which training plan should I use with a volume around 18-22 hours per week?


don’t quote me on this, but look at the plans that you need and within those select ‘advanced’ and this will be in the 15+ hour region of training. good luck.


Hey @wpsawrey as @nikowla mentioned, you will want to go with our advanced plans. Those will have on average about 14 hrs per week and you can add extra zone 2 to them if you are able to do so without compromising your ability to nail your key workouts. Because the volume and intensity will be higher than what you were doing in your base training, it is advisable that you pull back a bit on the hours.

If you tell me your discipline and goal races for the year I can give you some guidance on which plan will work best for you.

I’m a road cyclist, but currently just training to build fitness until races return. When races return I’ll be aiming at road races mostly and in the future I’ll be aiming at collegeic nats/amateur nats. Thank you for the reply.

Sounds like you will be ready when it comes time to race :raised_hands:t3:
Depending on how long you have I would recommend:

SS part 3 (starts transition from base to race) > SS part 4 polarized (maintains CTL and works your top end) > Intervals for RR > Road Racing In Season if you are going to race or Strava KOM plan