What volume training plan should I do?

Hi Frank and Fascat Team,

I am a masters cyclist that will be purchasing a plan very soon. I have already taken some time off after the summer and done 10-weeks of strength training. I started getting back into my own sweet spot work a few weeks ago but wanted to transition that to the 18-week sweet spot plan. My only issue is whether I should do the low-volume, intermediate volume, or a custom solution. This is what a typical riding week looks like currently with my slow base build, parenting, and working:

Mon - Rest/Yoga or Foundations/Foam Rolling/etc.
Tue - Indoor Trainer — SS 3x20 @ 90% FTP (w/ a heart rate cap at 83%…”FatMax” training)
Wed - Indoor Trainer — SS 2x20 or 3x10 @ 90% FTP (w/ same heart rate cap at 83%)
Thu - Rest/Yoga or Foundations/Foam Rolling/etc.
Fri - “Adventure” Ride (4-7 hrs. 50-100 miles, 6-10K ft of climbing. Mostly zone 2-3).
Sat - Rest
Sun - Outdoor Ride. Group if available but typically threshold or SS efforts. 2-3 PR attempts on 20-60 minute climbs. (3-4 hrs; 50-60 miles, 6-8K ft of climbing)

So I am typically getting in 10-12 hrs but I have 3 rest days in there due to family/work obligations and I am not sure if I could handle the daily demands on the intermediate even though I am close to the overall weekly hours. Unfortunately, I cannot sneak in trainer rides in the morning so most workouts are done after 8pm in the evening.

Earlier in the year before my break, I was doing mostly SS intervals @90% and was up to 4x10s and 3x15s to power (no heart rate cap) and supplementing that with some threshold intervals (base to race type stuff).

What are your thoughts? Would I be better off in the low volume, intermediate, or trying to customize something?

Thanks so much. Crying in the dojo…

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Your best option is the intermediate plan. You can continue to get the intervals in on Tuesday / Wednesday. You can make your endurance ride on Friday which maybe a combination of the Thursday and Sunday rides. Sunday would be best for the Saturday workout / group ride of the intermediate plan.

Of course the best course of action is following the plan. but that is not always possible and you have to make due. But that is my suggestion.

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Thanks for the feedback, Jake. Apologies for the slow reply. I purchased the intermediate 18-weeks of Sweet Spot this evening and will be starting in the coming weeks. :slight_smile: