Training Plan advice

I am wonder which training plan I should follow in the off season starting now with Cyclocross being my primary goal, and some late spring gravel races as a secondary goal? I plan to do the Cyclocross Summer Sweet spot and 6 weeks to Cyclocross plans leading up to the CX season with some MTB racing sprinkled in.

You could complete our cyclocross off season training plan with cyclocross being your primary goal. You will get our 10 week resistance training phase that is tailored to cyclocross. After that you will have 12 weeks of sweet spot base work that is cyclocross specific with a bit more burst work, plyometrics and quick running workouts.

Mixing in gravel racing in late spring should be fine with all the sweet spot work you will be getting in. Of course you may want to add in a gravel simulation ride or two before two to three weeks out before your first gravel race. Can replace a sweet spot group ride, even though these maybe similar rides.