Strength training and Sweet Spot


I’m currently following the sweet Spot Training plan. I’m 42 and also mountain bike. What could be a way to still do strength training in this part of the program? The adaptation strength workouts? I won’t race until cyclocross and my priority races are in November and December.


Hey @remy.forgues,
We advise against doing lifting during the season (or when you are starting race specific training) as it will impede on your ability to recover & FtFP.
I do see that you have both the Off season strength training plan and our CX bundle. The latter includes our cx summer SS and that includes plyometrics and cx skills work that will help you be in good shape for the season.

If CX is your main focus, I would advise doing our CX off season training starting in January/Feb next year. That will help you to carry over the strength into your race season.

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