Off Season Plans

I come to the end of my CX season mid-December. After a few weeks off I wasn’t sure which training plans and in which order I should start my training (I’ve used your CX Summer Sweetspot and CX Intervals this season). I have 40 weeks from end of season to start of next (with a few weeks here and there for holidays).

I have a personal trainer who deals with all my of gym work but I’m quite keen to include things like muscle tension intervals at appropriate time.

Can I clarify my thinking and order?

Foundation Training (3 weeks) - Do I need this?

Off Season Resistance Training & Sweetspot base (32 weeks) - This seems a bit long and includes weights?
Resistance Training and Sweetspot (16 weeks) - Does this include weights?
18 weeks of Sweetspot “Base” Plan (18 weeks) - Seems sensible but doesn’t include any resistance work on the bike?

I’ve discounted Off Season Cyclocross Training (24 weeks) because I think it also includes weights?

Anything else I’ve missed?

Many thanks in advance.


Check out our Cyclocross Off Season Training Plan:

It includes the type of weight lifting that you need to do!

Thanks @FRANK - although I was looking for a plan without weights but with some of the neuromuscular work (if such thing exists?).

If not, happy to just match/substitute the weights I do with PT to the plan. It sounds like we take a similar approach.

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