Trainingpeaks bug?

So i got a new FTP best after my last FTP test.
However, on the peak performances on TP, for some reason, that new 20min best is not updated. It’s showing a different number. In fact, the 20min best doesn’t even show up on the peak performance graph despite showing up with a gold cup on the day i did the FTP test.
Any idea why this happens?

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That is strange and I do not have an answer to that… however, be sure to update your FTP manually. If you do not know how to do this then read and watch this training tip:

Congrats on your new FTP!!

-Coach Allie

@Allie ,
I already updated manually thx.
Weird bug then. Was hoping you coaches had already experienced something like this.
No worries since it’s not a big deal, but ty anyway for the reply.

I’ve had similar issue once or twice where new power peaks did not show up in my history.
Try clicking on your workout, then click “Files”, and then “Recalculate”.


Only issue I’ve had is that to consistently looks for my password when I open settings.

Talk about timing.
Woke up today and had an email from TP support saying the exact same thing you are saying. :+1:
Thx for the tip.

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