Training peaks acceptance tab not there!

Hello there I’m trying to Set up my
workout with training peaks. But the tab to accept was missing from the TP e mail.
I used the same email, buying the plan and creating the TP account.
Please advise.


Just sent that plan out to you again. Let me know if you still don’t get the acceptance link.


Thank you! It’s working now!

Isaiah, I have the same issue. I already have a TP account that I’m logged in to but I don’t see an option to accept the plan I purchased. Thx

The link will be through an email from Trainingpeaks. I can push that to you again but check your spam folder and look for that shortly.

Isaiah, I had no luck syncing my email address through Training Peaks so I had to go back to the original gmail address Would you be able to change my FasCat account email address to and send out the link? I ordered the 6 week Crit & road race plan on 12/18/19 Order#32308. Thanks!

Sure thing Sally - just sent that out to you - be sure to click and accept the link within 72 hours from now.

Good luck #FtFP’ing!


Sorry, me too. I was too slow to find the email. Please can you resend me the link for the 18 week SS plan? Thanks, Janice

Hi Janice,

Just resent the 18 week sweet spot plan to you . You have 72 hour to accept. Good luck and enjoy getting fast!

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Hello Coaches, I purchased the SS plan yesterday and set everything up with matching emails and I did not receive the link yet from training peaks. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. It Also still shows order processing.

Hi @jeffreyweidow - just sent that out to ya, was waiting for you to set up a TrainingPeaks - now that you have I was able to push the plan to you. That link is live for only 72 hours so get on it :muscle:

Good luck #FtFP’ing and thanks for becoming a FasCat with our sweet spot plan. You have a lot of FTP to look forward to in 2020!

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Hi there!
I just purchased the "Road & Crit Intervals - Advanced " plan, but haven´t received an TP email yet to accept it.
Would be great if you can push it out to me again!

Thanks in advance!

Welcome @marcoebner - sorry for the delay but your plan went out to you about an hour ago.

Click that link, apply the plan from your training plan library and start #FtFP’ing :muscle:

I now have full access to the plan!
Thank you very much!

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@FRANK can you try resending my training plan, i never got an email to accept. Thanks

Just sent that out to you again.


Same here. This interface is not intuitive. Not very impressed thus far.

I have my account set up with fascat and training peaks but can’t seem to get the tab to accept my program. Help please.

I think you are on steps # 3 & 4 of the instructions we emailed ya, but there are also here:

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I got a welcome email from training peaks but the accept training link was not in the email. Can you help me with that?


Pushed that plan out to you again. Let us know if you still don’t get a second email with a link. Double check spam.