TrainingPeaks Training plan push

If someone could push my SS2 Advanced plan to me that would amazing! Trainingpeaks has never liked my email for some reason. Thank you!

Just pushed that plan your way @carsonfrench!
Best of luck sweet spotting :boom:

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Hi Lacey!
I’m having the same problem. I purchased a plan few hours ago and immediately got mails from fastcat, however the mail from training peaks has never arrived. Could you please help me get started as well?
Thanks much!

Just sent you an email and pushed the crit and road intervals plan your way! :ok_hand:t3:


Thanks so much Lacey!

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Hi, I have the same issue. I got the order confirmation email but not the TrainingPeaks plan. Is it possible for you to push it my way?

Can you tell me your email or send me an email to if I have yet to speak with you? I think I may have sent you the plan, but just want to make sure!

Sorry for late reply (I’ve been FTFPing :wink: ) this was fixed over support already. Had an issue where I couldn’t send an email to the address mentioned above. But as said, a message to support trough you webpage did the trick.