I have not received an email from Training Peaks

I’m still waiting for my training plan email. I’ve activated my training peaks account and checked my spam folder. I did received emails from training peaks, but none were about activating my training plan.

Also, can I switch from the basic hill climbing to the indoor basic plan? It looks like there’s a couple of 10 hour weeks in hill climbing and I really don’t have that amount of time. Thanks for your help!

Hi - I’m having a similar issue. I purchase a plan and have received the Training Peaks email. I have an existing TP account and using the same email address for both. My order shows as Processing…

@henryleonard Just pushed that Indoor Cycling Training Plan - Basic out to you. Was sent to the email you originally purchased your Hill climb plan from.


@anthonyamato Pushed that 18 weeks of sweet spot out to you as well.



Thank you very much!

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I also haven’t received anything from Training Peaks.

Order was for 18 weeks of sweet spot :slight_smile:

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Sorry about that @marcoferreira - check now, I just pushed an email to you manually.

Good luck sweet spottin’ and #FtFP’ing :muscle:

Cheers Frank :slight_smile: It’s working now.

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Also waiting for the TP email - thanks!

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All set @gregkeeling - good luck with your off season training! :muscle::trophy::medal_sports:

Same boat. Already a premium Training Peaks user, signed up for CX season plan, have not received TP email containing the plan. Thx!

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Sorry about that @justinmorgan - you should see that email now - g’luck with your #secretTraining :boom::boom:

I’m having the same issue. my training peaks isn’t getting my new fascat plan?

Hey @williamfaucette - check now because our system triggered a resend.

Hello!! I’m also haven’t received the mail yet from Training Peaks

Wish everybody a great day

I’m in the same boat. How long does it take to get the email? I was hoping to start soon.

Hello! I’m also haven’t received the plan from TP with the plan.

Just emailed you again Petar!
Seems that there was a glitch with trainingpeaks and it will not send you the email even when we trigger it to do so. No worries though, I will manually add that plan into your trainingpeaks library. :slight_smile:

Hi!! I just purchased the CX Intervals plan and haven’t gotten the TP email yet. Help?! :slight_smile: