Training for a 600KM ride

Currently working my way through the 10 week weights plan (seen some good improvements), and I’m now looking forward to starting training on the bike again, my main goal next year are two rides, one 400KM and one 600KM ride in June, so the 16 week Sweetspot plan fits but I can’t decide what to do afterwards. I’m torn between the Fondo plan and the Gravel plan.

My rides will be road based and I’ll have 42 hours(includes sleep time allowance) for the 600 and 27 hours for the 400. So my quandry about which plan to choose depends on the ‘simulation’ rides, which plan has the longest and therefore will most likely suit my needs best?


HI @lancs.roadie - would go with our Fondo plan after the 16 weeks of sweet spot because the Fondo is designed for the 100 miles fondos.

Like you noted you’d want to ride longer for your simulation rides on Saturdays. You could even begin to ride longer during the 16 week sweet spotter or choose the advanced version.

Hope that helps - good luck!

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Thanks. I’ll take your advice.

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