Training - Dirty Kanza 200

I just signed up for the 6 week gravel plan as part of peaking for DK200. This will be my first race.

I’ve been training 8-12h/week for about 4 months and started with an FTP build up last winter.

My TSS was 1036 after 12 h of training last week. My CTL is 109 and fatigue of 138 and Form (TSB) -49.

Overall, feeling good. However, am I peaking too soon given that I have two big weeks ahead of me?

Thanks for any insights.

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Sounds like you need a regeneration week after 1036 TSS week and assuming you mean -138 TSB, super fatigued.

So this week should be recovery. After that you will have two more big weeks. It’s not peaking to soon if you an do the training and even increase slightly more. Don’t know what you have done in the past and if it will be too much. Sounds pretty high right now! In two weeks you will want to do your simuatlion ride.

But just make sure you give yourself time to taper and rest into the event. Once you get within 2 weeks of DK there isn’t much time to adapt to the training to help for the event. So you want to focus on staying sharp and rested.


Thanks for the quick response. Thank goodness my TSB isn’t that bad. It’s -49. I updated my post.

That said, I’ll listen to my body and continue to be practical, .e.g., 80-90% can still be a great way to prepare over the next few weeks.