TP Discount Yearly

Hi All,
In the past, I noted you can have 40% TP discount if fasCat athlete. Also, I am kindly receiving Coaches services. could I possibly get this discount before mine is expiring?

You can use code 40bcgold2020 once to take 40% off a year sub which is pretty good

Many thanks

Hey Lucsi,
We offer a free 30 day TP premium subscription and 20% off of premium there after with the promo codes:
21FasCat for 30 days of premium
FasCat20off for 20% off your premium subscription after your free 30 days.

I am not sure which discount you are referring to above though. Where is that one from?
Also remember, while premium is nice to see all your data it is not required as your coach will still have access to your PMC.